Thermal, Fire, Acoustic, Ventilation.

Flat Roof

There are many different products suitable for this application below are just a few, for any more details and more tecnical information please contact us.

Metal Deck

QUINN-therm polyisocyanurate insulation board is intended for use in lightweight metal roof decks covered with single ply roofing membranes. This board consists of a core of PIR foam bonded on both faces to a composite aluminium facing; the gas filled cells give it high thermal performance and strength.

A Complete Solution for -  Concrete Deck     Deck Metal     Deck Timber

Duorock – roofing boards offer non combustible thermal and acoustic insulation solutions at economic cost to the contractor. The dual density roofing boards are manufactured with a high density, robust top surface. The appropriate DuoRock products may be used for mechanically fastened or ballasted single ply membrane systems.

Hardrock – roofing boards are manufactured using Rockwool’s unique dual density technology. Produced with a robust, high density top surface, the products therefore exhibit excellent point load compressive resistance. The boards offer the ideal non combustible acoustic and thermal insulation solution for most types of roof deck, when combined with single ply or high performance built-up roofing systems.

Cut to Fall

DuoRock Cut to Falls is engineered to provide tapered solutions for roof constructions and offers the optimum combination of thermal, acoustic and firesafe insulation at an economic cost to the contractor. DuoRock Cut to Falls is suitable for use under both high performance built up roofing and mechanically fastened single ply membrane systems.

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