Thermal, Fire, Acoustic, Ventilation.

Timber & Rafter Roll 35

General Information

Timber & Rafter Roll 35 is a resilient, medium density material wool roll, designed specifically for thermal, acoustic insulation and fire resistant applications in walls of studded construction in timber-framed buildings.

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Roll Dimensions

Thickness (mm) Length (m) Width (mm) Pack Area (m²)
90 5.00
140 4.50 2×570

Environmental Information

Timber & Rafter Roll 35 is produced from fine, non-combustible mineral wool (as defined in BS 3533:1981), bonded with a thermosetting resin. All Superglass products are made from natural materials and recycled glass. They are CFC and HCFC free, will not rot, degrade or sustain vermin, will not encourage the growth of mould, bacteria or fungi and can be described as being non-hygroscopic.

Health & Safety Information

All Superglass products are subject to a Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) 5 mg/m³ 8 hour Time Weighted Average Gravimetric Measure. A COSHH sheet (Ref AS001) and Material Safety Data Sheet (Ref AS002) can be obtained from Superglass Technical Department. Further reference can be made to EURISOL’s Health & Safety Statement which can be found at

British Standards

Timber & Rafter Roll 35 is manufactured to comply with the requirements of the EU Construction Product Directive (89/106/EEC) and Technical European Harmonised Standards BS EN 13162:2001, BS EN 13172:2001 for Factory Made Mineral Wool Products. Suitable for the conditions in which it is intended.

Fire Performance

Timber & Rafter Roll 35 is classified as non-combustible with a Reaction to Fire Classification A1 when tested to BS EN 13501-1.

Temperature Limitation

Superglass mineral wool has a limiting temperature of 540ºC, though with temperatures in excess of 230ºC partial loss of the binder may occur at the hot face. This does not impair the thermal performance of the product.

Vapour Resistance

Superglass products possess negligible vapour resistance allowing vapour to pass freely through the insulation.


Timber & Rafter Roll 35 is supplied compression packed in polythene.


Superglass products must be stored indoors or under a waterproof covering in order to protect against weather damage.

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Timber & Rafter Roll 35
Superglass Timber & Rafter Roll 35
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