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Wall Insulation

Heat loss through walls is a major problem for both old and new buildings, substantially adding to heating costs.

Pawlings Insulation & Supplies Ltd provide several solutions for insulating external cavity walls.

Cavity wall insulation is used to reduce heat loss through the external walls  by filling the air space with an insulating material. This immobilises the air flow within the cavity, preventing convection of heat and substantially reducing  heating costs.

During construction of new buildings, the building regulations require that certain “U” Values are meet (basically the amount of heat lost through the building) the cavities are partially or fully filled with an insulating material  placed between the two leaves (sides) of the wall.

Consideration should be given as to the type of insulation required,

  • Do you wish to  full fill the cavity
  • Do you wish to maintain a partial cavity
  • Do you require just thermal insulation
  • Do you require the insulation to have acoustical propertys as well

Existing buildings that were  built without insulated cavities can  substantially reduce heat loss by installing full fill Super Silver bonded bead insulation. Grants from the government and from energy companies (depending on funding)  are  available to help with the cost of installing cavity wall insulation.

File:Filled holes from installation of cavity wall insulation.jpeg

An existing wall that has had cavity wall insulation installed (after construction),
with refilled holes highlighted with arrows.

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