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Glenside Acoustics Ltd are approved Network Installers of Warmfill Super Silver bonded Bead



The two main areas for heat loss in a poorly insulated building would be the walls and loft, below are a few examples of improvements which can be made in both areas.


 Loft Insulation

Heat escaping through lofts is one of the major problems caused from poor insulation.To meet the current regulations, insulation in lofts should be a minimum of 300mm thick.

To achieve this in a loft with no insulation, a layer of 100mm and 200mm Superglass Multi Roll or Rockwool Roll Batt would be laid between and over the joists. The insulation is cross-layered to prevent ‘cold bridging’ which will cause dark lines to appear over time in the ceiling and decreases the efficiency of the insulation.

Insulating a non-insulated loft will save around £150 a year on your heating bills and nearly 1 tonne of CO2 per year.

Once the insulation is installed it is maintenance free and you will continue saving every year.

If the loft already has some existing insulation we will install what is required to bring it up to regulation standards.


Cavity Wall Insulation

Warmfill is a polystyrene thermal grade FRA bead which comes in different grades ranging from White up to Super Silver. The Super Silver system is one of the best material for filling cavities in both new build and existing houses.

The difference in the bead is the Lambda Value, the lower the Lambda number is the better the product will be at retaining heat. The Lambda for bonded White bead is 0.040 whereas the bonded Super Silver bead has a Lambda of 0.033.

Warmfill bead insulates 100% of the cavity every time while still allowing the cavity to breath, thus maintaining its function.

We install the the bead through 22mm holes so minimal disruption is caused. Holes are filled in to match the wall as best as possible, within a few months its nearly impossible to tell the work has been done.

Warmfill bead also comes with an amazing 25year guarantee.

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