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Glenside Acoustics Ltd

Glenside Acoustics Ltd, a locally family owned and run company is one of the leading installers of energy efficiency measures such as cavity wall and loft insulation. Glenside Acoustics Ltd is fully BBA certified with systems designer and ACOPS gas safety trained installers.

Upon your cotact with Glenside Acoustics, our friendly and experienced staff will carry out an on qualified site survey and emissions survey of your property (new and existing) and will provide a free quotation based on ensuring that your home is fully insulated.

  • BBA certifed Cavity wall installers
  • Fully insured and guranteed
  • Achieve uvalues of 0.27 or better with a 100mm cavity
  • Installers of both rolled and blown loft insulation
  • Cleanly and simply fitted in hours for both walls and lofts
  • Surveyors fully system designer and ACOPS gas safety qualified

Cavity Wall Insulation

Warmfill Silver bonded bead system utilises two basic components, a specially manufactured grade of closed cell polystyrene FRA thermal bead, which is coated with an air drying adhesive during the injection process. This special bonding agent allows the bead to flow freely until the cavity wall is completely filled.

Once the adhesive sets, the bead forms a solid, heat saving mass which will not shrink, crack, settle or be affected by the removal of outer brickwork for alterations or window replacements.

It is totally reliable and, once installed, it remains effective for the lifetime of the property without the need for any maintenance. The fact that this product is used by homeowners, house builders, local authorities, government grant schemes and the construction industry is a testimony to its proven quality and effectiveness.

The Advantage of bead insulation

The bonded beads have a unique self-drain quality which allows the cavity to breathe and remain dry.

  • The self-drain quality makes it unnecessary to fill gable peaks
  • A U. Value of 0.27 in a 100mm cavity can be achieved or better
  • Gives a noticeable fuel saving and will work for the life of the building
  • Helps to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Approved by both BBA and IAB meeting current building regulations
  • Approved for all exposure zones
  • Quick and easy to install with minimal mess
  • FRA bead (Fire Retardant Additive)

Achievable U.Values for an Existing Building

Type of Construction @ 70mm Cavity Before Insulation U. Value After Insulation U. Value
Brick/Cavity/Brick 1.68 W/m 2/0 C 0.39 W/m 2/0 C
Brick/Cavity/Concrete Block 1.55 W/m 2/0 C 0.37 W/m 2/0 C
Brick/Cavity/Clinker Block 1.40 W/m 2/0 C 0.35 W/m 2/0 C
Brick/Cavity/Insulation Block 1.05 W/m 2/0 C 0.32 W/m 2/0 C

Typical New Build (examples)

*The U. Values change when used on various constructions with varying cavity widths*

Type of Construction Cavity Width Valuew/m 2k
New Build Brick/MediumBlock + Plaster 100mm110mm120mm .27.26.24
New Build Brick/LightBlock + Dabs 100mm110mm120mm .26.25.23
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