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ITHO Ventilation

ITHO Ventilation

RU ECO 4 – SAP Q eligible MVHR whole-house ventilation supplied by Pawling’s

The SAP Q eligible HRU ECO 4 MVHR whole-house ventilation system is one of the most energy efficient systems on the market. Offering a heat recovery of up to 91%, the unit transfers heat from the extracted contaminated air and fuses it into the incoming fresh air in order to maintain optimum temperatures.

Buildings suitable for HRU ECO 4 installation

  • Residential buildings
  • New builds
  • High and low rise buildings
  • Renovations (where improvements to air tightness have been made).

The triangular formation of the synthetic heat exchanger offers maximum surface area for heat to be transferred and this combined with its quiet energy saving DC motor, makes for an incredibly efficient system.

Tested on a kitchen plus up to 7 additional wet rooms, the unit can be easily installed into a loft space and is controlled by state-of-the-art 3 speed wireless controllers.

Designed to adapt to any climate, the system is equipped with an integrated, fully automatic Summer bypass valve when the exchange of heat is no longer necessary, along with a frost protection device that adjusts the fan speed and combines fresh incoming air with the warmer air surrounding the unit to prevent the system from freezing.

Exceeding the Building Regulations Part L (conservation of energy in homes, offices and other buildings), fully complying with System 4 of Part F (Means of Ventilation) and complying with the improved standards as set in the Energy Saving Trust “Demonstrating Compliance – Best Practice (2006 edition), the HRU ECO 4 RF is an advanced system that is perfectly suited to meet the increasingly challenging targets set by the Government.

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HR Systems & Cooker Hoods

Offering the ideal solution for homes with a central mechanical ventilation system, HR system cooker hoods ensure the efficient extraction of cooking odours and excess moisture for a healthier indoor environment.

As the kitchen is one of the most central rooms in the house a number of daily activities are undertaken here. Without adequate extraction of the contaminants that build up from these every-day activities, the indoor air quality can reduce dramatically.

Not quite classed as a motor-less hood nor as a recirculation hood, the HR cooker hood is a unique design that offers unbeatable extraction. Provided with a unique supplementary fan that creates an air curtain around the hob the vapours remain under the extractor hood allowing the central ventilation system to work to its full potential.

Extracting more than 80% of the cooking vapours directly via the central ventilation system before they have a chance to build up and become a nuisance in the home, the HR cooker hoods offer a vast improvement from the general extraction achieved by most motor-less hoods of just 35%.

With its quiet, low consumption DC motor, the unit is highly energy efficient, emits low sound levels throughout its use and is available in a choice of stylish designs making the kitchen environment a much more welcoming space.

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